What we need from you

Reflex Recruitment will do its utmost to give a quality service – but we ask clients and candidates to make a commitment to us:

Clients should make a proper disclosure of the true candidate specification and ensure it consists of objective criteria. Provide a full job description so we can decide who is, and who is not right for your needs.

Respect is two-way – for instance, if you reject one of our candidates, advise us why. Tell us what it is you like about those that you do like and vice-versa. Candidates are requested to give honest feedback of their opinion of a company. Obviously we have to be very discreet with this information, but it does help us in getting the right candidate for the right position.

Clients should always advise us of the maximum possible wage or salary -or they might never get to meet the candidates who are worth it!

Once a good working relationship has been established and the more we are given a degree of exclusivity the more effort and commitment we can provide to assist with client recruitment requirements.

We will happily forward interesting candidates ad-hoc when we know the information will be met receptively. Good communication between all parties involved is essential for a happy and successful relationship.

It can be detrimental to our working relationship if there is a lack of communication and understanding between the clients own departments – e.g. the personnel department and the department where the vacancy exists.